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Beans Processing Line

5T/Hour Coffee Beans Cleaning Project ?? ???/????? ????

1T/H Lentil Peeling Line in Malaysia

Lentil Peeling, Splitting and Grinding Plant

Pulses/Beans Fine Cleaning Plant (Exported to the U.S.)

120T/Day Coffee Beans Cleaning Line Built in Ethiopia

Uganda 5TPH Beans/Pulses Cleaning Plant Installation

120Ton/Day Complete Lentil Peeling and Splitting Project

Beans Cleaning Line Pulses Cleaning Plant

Fully Automatic Complete Coffee Bean Cleaning Project in Ethiopia

Cowpea Peeling and Flour Milling Plant

Mung Bean Peeling, Splitting and Grinding Plant

Pea Peeling, Splitting and Flour Milling Plant

Soybean Soybean Peeling, Splitting and Grinding Plant

Cowpea Processing Equipment Chickpea Processing Plant

Broad Bean Processing Plant

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